Monday, January 5, 2015

Alpha Productions - 25 Years Ago

My friend Leni Gronros reminded me today that it was the winter of 1990 when he and I started down the path that would lead to us running a comic book company. It seems impossible that it's been so long and yet, it feels like an age of the world has gone by since then.

For seven years Alpha Productions published a lot of books - some good, some... not so good. There were only a few of us at first. Leni was Publisher, Paul Pelletier was Art Director, I was an artist then, for a few years, Chief Editor. Christopher Mills came on within a few months and as Production/Promotions Manager he quickly elevated our look and schedule before taking over Editorial. Ron Fortier joined in to write some books and became a Creative Director, Rick Lowell of Casablanca Comics became our Marketing Director.

The comic market imploded in the mid 1990's and eventually Alpha disbanded as well. We've all gone our separate ways, but man - that was something. Those people were something. There were bad times along with the good, but it's all softened by time and distance now - I only really remember the good times: the road trips, the conventions, the all-night zip-a-tone parties to get a book out on time. The joy of holding a book in my hand that I had helped put together.

I left after '93, heading on my own path that included getting married and finishing school, but I wouldn't change those years for anything. I met a lot of good people during that time, some of whom I'm still friends with. I got some books made that I'm proud of. I drew a lot of stuff that I'm less proud of. ;)

I think I'll probably dig into my archives and post a few things from those times - every once and a while, over the course of the year. Just to celebrate a little of that time when I was young and crazy and could do anything.

Twenty five years - man. Forever and a day. And I'd do it all over again.

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