Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The inevitable 'crap, I've neglected the blog!' post

2016 and I've been off the writing wagon for a bit. Lots of stuff going on, but the bottom line is I fell off and need to get back on. I've got short stories at various levels of completion, a novel about 3/4 and I actually dug out an old screenplay to revisit.  All good, but I'm really feeling the rust and I think I need to bang around a bit with something a bit smaller and easier to get back into the rhythm.

So on that front, I'll be returning to doing a few horror movie reviews again (which is primarily what I've been posting here anyway). I'll be starting out small and probably rough with a re-watch of the Friday the 13th series. It's been a long time since I've watched any of the original run of films and I'm kind of interested in how they hold up for me now.

I'm hoping this primes the writing pump for the other projects, but also gets me back into doing more regular horror movie reviews, which I've always enjoyed doing.

Lending credence to the idea that love of horror movies is genetic, my cousin Nate is now doing horror reviews as well! He started off with a review of the recent film The Boy and then plunged headlong into an epic watch of all the Wrong Turn movies. Take a look, if you get a chance:

More soon!