Saturday, October 1, 2016

31 Days, 31 Horror Movies VI: The Self-Referential, Postmodern Update

For the last five years I've used October as a personal Horror Film Festival, trying to make sure I watch a horror movie a day and then - because I'm not that bright - I try and write a little bit about it.

The first few years I did this as a thread on - a gaming site and messageboard that I've been a member of for a long time. A couple of years ago I started cross-posting here as well, and I plan on continuing that this year!

The Rules!

1. It’s got to be a horror movie (straight sci-fi, thrillers and mysteries are generally out, though rules are made to be broken).
2. I have to watch one a day, but I might not get to write it up for a day or two.
3. No set watch-list. I’ll decide that day what I’ll watch. The only exception is if I get an itching for a particular film and I don’t currently have access – I’ll plan around when I can rent/borrow/buy it.
4. As has become usual, I'm planning to do theme weekends again this year. Creature Feature is the staple, and we'll see what we can come up with for the others (last year I did Spanish Language Time Travel Horror, Horror Comedies, and Vincent Price Movies With "Doctor Phibes" In The Title.)
5. Probably should go without saying, but there are bound to be spoilers galore.
6. NEW RULE! For this year, at least 5 of the movies each week will be chosen from recommendations made in previous threads on More info below.

So, every year I've done this I've gotten a ton of great recommendations - new films, classics, hidden gems and so-bad-its-good trash (and the occasional 'just plain bad'). I've watched a lot of them, but there are many more I just haven't managed to get to. When I was starting to think about this year's event I decided to work up a complete list of the recommended films that I hadn't seen yet (for the thread and blog, anyway). I counted any film that was directly recommended, that I specifically said "that goes on the list" or received a positive review from the person who watched it.  The final list ended up having over 250 titles on it!

Well, I thought, that's that then - for this year's thread I'll just watch films from the recommended list! Which was all well and good, but... As we got closer to October I started to hedge. I'd vaguely planned to watch Grizzly for the Creature Feature weekend this year, but it's not on the list. And there are a few more recent films that didn't make it either - I actually watched The VVitch recently because I thought I wouldn't get a chance this month. Then there's my general contrariness which sometimes rears its head with a childish 'I don't WANNA watch any of these!' Thus rule 6 and its caveat - at least 5 of the films in any week will be chosen from the list of recommended films. It might be more - I may even get through the month only choosing from the list - but I'm weak and wanted the wiggle room.

That's the plan this year - we'll see how long I can stick to it.

For the first time since I started doing theme weekends 31 Days is starting on a Saturday, which means it'll be a double-feature/theme to start with. With luck I'll have the first film written up later today. Hope you stick around, and enjoy the reviews!

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