Saturday, April 4, 2015

It Follows, new review at Best Horror Movie List

My review of It Follows is now up on The Best Horror Movie List. It's weird, I keep thinking about this movie. I ramble (as per usual) in the review, but I even tormented my wife with talking it last night. It's just that kind of film - whether intended or not there are lots of avenues for interpretation and discussion.

For instance - and I mentioned this in passing in the review - but there's a distinct absence of parental/adult affect in the movie. They're there - briefly - but I'm not sure any of them even have a line of dialogue. And the behavior of the 'kids' (most all of college age, really) isn't really affected by them in any way. Their presence is - at best - tangential. The kids exist in a world where they and their problems are really the only things of importance, the only things that affect them are they choices they make and the problems they have. No obstacles or help is forthcoming from the adult world.

That's certainly how I felt when I was a teenager. Like I was in a completely different sphere of reality from adults. I dunno - does it mean anything? Is it important? I have no idea - but it was another one of those layers, another thing about the movie that stuck in my head and made me think about it much later.


"It Follows is a nightmare. It looks like a nightmare, it feels like a nightmare, and it has that disconnected sort of dream logic where nothing you do seems to make a difference. You run and you run and no matter how far you go or how fast you go..." [more]

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