Friday, April 24, 2015

The Beyond - Fear Flashback Review at Best Horror Movie List

In the absence of a new assignment from Best Horror Movie List I decided to review one of my favorite Italian horror movies. I'd just picked up the Grindhouse Releasing Blu-ray of The Beyond and it's well worth picking up, especially if you don't have a previous release. (I've also got the Arrow Blu-ray, but I'm happy to have double-dipped, as there are some great new extras and the picture quality is - IMHO - a tick higher on the Grindhouse disc.)

I've got a new assignment for BHML for next week (As Above, So Below), but will hopefully still review older films on occasion.

"The plot of your standard Fulci film is usually a thin excuse for random imagery and gory set pieces at the best of times..." [more]

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