Monday, May 18, 2015

Rewrites begin!

The rewrites begin in earnest! The new book is tentatively called Seeing Byzantium and just for giggles here's the first paragraph of chapter 2:

Grekov's store, Ivan's Trading Post, was closed on Saturdays. He called it 'Ivan's' even though Grekov's first name was actually Trofim. "Nobody knows Trofim," he'd say, "they expect a Russian to be Ivan or Anatoly or Dmitry. Don't confuse customers - give them what they expect and they'll be comfortable. People who are comfortable are more likely to spend money. Besides," he'd tap his chest with both hands, "my middle name is Ivan." Of course, depending on who he was talking to, Grekov's middle name was also Arkady, Vladimir, or Mikhail. He wore middle names like new shirts, trying them on for comfort.

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